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About the Domain is my home on vast space of the internet. It houses (and links) every site I currently run. Having far too many hobbies and interests, I decided I needed a place to store all the pages I have created so you will see various types of sites here.

I've been into webdesign since my teenage years, and building websites since Yahoo! GeoCities existed. Most of the sites I made in those younger years weren't that great, but one day I mentioned to my uncle that I was interested in learning html and he gifted me a book on how to code html sites. Since then, I was hooked. I made all sorts of sites - fanshrines to games and characters I loved, personal sites, and a site to house my neopets profiles.

As I improved my coding, I wanted to have my own domain, but I didn't get one until I was about 18. My first domain I purchased was - named after Kingdom Hearts 2, it stored a few sites. Sadly, I couldn't maintain it for various reasons. During that time I eventually purchased - it was a blog/collective and named after a song from jrock/jpop singer Gackt. After a a year or so, I closed that site as well. It was a few years later, that I purchased which became a design site. That didn't last long either.

A few more years passed, and I started to want to have a domain again so I can store and share my passion for my hobbies and interests and so, was registered on December 26, 2015 on namecheap and is hosted by buyshared. is named after the second level thunder spell from the famous Final Fantasy series. I realized that the domain name wasn't taken, so I took advantage of that, especially since the Final Fantasy series is one of my most favorite video game series.

The Current Layout

Since I've barely opened the site, you are viewing version 1 of the site which features my favorite character from Final Fantasy IX, Vivi Ornitier. I instantly knew I wanted to feature something from the series when I purchased the domain name and I went with my darling Vivi because he's a black mage who can use thundara. The layout was made by me using Adobe Photoshop CS6, coded by hand using Notepad. It features the art of Yoshitaka Amano's design for this beloved character. Fonts used are Big John, Century Gothic, and Nexa Light. Textures are from sanami276, and so-ghislaine.

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